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Delivery Area

Delivering fuel and peace of mind is what Crowley Energy is all about. Below are the towns we deliver to and the days of the week we are typically in the area. Seasonality and extreme weather conditions may impact the schedule. If you have any questions, please contact us.



AuburnMon / Weds / Fri
AugustaTues / Thurs
Bailey IslandMon / Weds / Fri
BathTues / Thurs
BoothbayTues / Thurs
Boothbay HarborTues / Thurs
BowdoinTues / Thurs
BowdoinhamTues / Thurs
ChelseaTues / Thurs
Cumberland (Center & West)Weds
Cumberland ForesideWeds
DresdenTues / Thurs
DurhamMon / Weds / Fri
East BoothbayTues / Thurs
EdgecombTues / Thurs
FarmingdaleTues / Thurs
FreeportMon / Weds / Fri
GardinerTues / Thurs
HallowellTues / Thurs
HarpswellMon / Weds / Fri
LewistonMon / Weds / Fri
LisbonMon / Weds / Fri
Lisbon FallsMon / Weds / Fri
LitchfieldTues / Thurs
North YarmouthMon / Weds / Fri
Orr's IslandMon / Weds / Fri
PhippsburgTues / Thurs
PittstonTues / Thurs
PophamTues / Thurs
PownalMon / Weds / Fri
RandolphTues / Thurs
RichmondTues / Thurs
SabattusMon / Fri
SebascoTues / Thurs
Small PointTues / Thurs
South FreeportMon / Weds / Fri
South GardinerTues / Thurs
South HarpswellMon / Weds / Fri
South PortlandWeds
Southport IslandTues / Thurs
TrevettTues / Thurs
West BathTues / Thurs
West Boothbay HarborTues / Thurs
West FalmouthWeds
West GardinerTues / Thurs
West PointTues / Thurs
Westport IslandTues / Thurs
WiscassetTues / Thurs
WoolwichTues / Thurs
YarmouthMon / Weds / Fri

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